Weekend dust

Now that the dust has settled on the weekend we can definitely say the planets were not in line.  Whacky weekend of sports in football both college and pros.  Jr blows a wheel and hits the wall.  The giants win in 18th inning for the longest ALDS in history.

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Week 5 of the NFL season in 2014

After yesterdays college football upsets of 5 of the top 10 teams lost.  Not sure we can trust anyone to pick the winners today.  Cincinnati is undefeated going up against the Patriots tonite my pick is the Bengals.  Atlanta vs. the Giants the book is over 70 points to be scored and for Atlanta to maybe have 300 yards passing and a 200 yard rusher both in one game.  I wanna take the Giants.

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The return to the airwaves is imminent

Damion and the harmony in hell show is planning a return to the airwaves on January 2, 2014.  So look for the station to be streaming and operational sometime soon.

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Happy Birthday America

Today is the country’s 237th birthday.  Our freedom gained from the Declaration of Independence written and signed that day in 1776 was not cheap. This country’s continued efforts to keep this country free and give people the right to extend themselves and live the “American dream” is not cheap. God bless our military and the men and women who serve in the military.


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In Honor

Today is Memorial Day and in honor of all veterans the guards stand at the tomb of the unknown soldier. One who fell at each war the US has had. A constant reminder that freedom is not free.  Men and women of the US military give their lives to offer us the freedoms we have. Then we have Congress who daily tries to take those freedoms from us.  God bless our veterans and all those serving this country today.  OOORAH

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Indie Artist Submissions

With the station returning to full swing the artists who are currently submitted with those that wish to get heard on air will all enjoy time.  On the right hand side of the page you will see on the Indie Life Menu an Artist Submission item click fill out the form and get us in touch with the songs you want us to play.  Artists are never asked for money to be played on air here we do it for the love of being Indie.

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Indie Life Enterprises

Welcome to the newest in a line of upcoming sites from the Indie Life Enterprises, Inc.  We have acquired Indie Life Choices and now Indie Life Radio.  We are in the process of finishing buying out a clothing manufacturer and creating what we hope will be new designs to promote the Indie Lifestyle with.

Indie Life Radio will be returning to the air with Dj’s on the schedule in January.

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